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UNDGD Capacity features the dopest unsigned talent California has to offer. Based out of Orange County, CA and ran by ABSTUXZ rapper Vally Vicious. For serious inquiries:


Vanessa Lynnae is no stranger when it comes to the spot light. The Ventura County native has been on her independent tip while rocking shows, shooting music videos, and still managing to find time for the studio.  Her collaboration with Vally Vicious on “Animal Style” was definitely a good enough reminder why her nickname “Queen Rewrite” is so suiting.  

1. What made you decide to pursue hip hop as a career?

I decided to pursue hip hop when I realized what a positive impact I could have on others just by telling my story. An artist has an insane amount of power to influence a listener. The majority of what is on the radio now isn’t really contributing to the growth and well being of society. I’d like to make a difference with that power.

2. Being a dominant female figure in the game who would you say you look to for inspiration?

As far as being inspired, I just have to be willing to listen. Fans, family, hardships, relationships… They all teach us lessons. As far as other artists, I gravitate more towards artists I can relate to like Eminem and Drake. Extremely different artists, but they both tell my story without knowing it. The hope and courage their music has given me, inspires me to progress as an artist so I can do the same for someone else.

3. You were featured on the Cypher Effect not too long ago explain that experience.

TCE and Jorge are great. It gave me the opportunity to meet other talented artists and show what I am capable of. There are many different sides to my talent. TCE gave me the chance to expose a side of me to a certain type of listener, that I may not ever reach with my other styles.

4. What are your plans for your music this year alone?

his year has started off great. I’ve finished my EP titled VERYNESSesary. Every track on my project is very different. From hip hop, to reggae, from a club banger to uplifting and empowering songs… I wanted to show that I can do it all. At the moment, I’m just focusing on interviews, radio appearances, and shows to get my face and sound out there. Within the next few months my team and I will be shopping my brand out to major labels.

5. If you could describe your style in 1 word what would it be?
One word? I’d have to go with unparalleled. My style is different than anything I’ve ever heard, especially from a female. I think that alone makes me stand out.

When it comes to diversity in the Inland Empire hip hop scene, Twin Towers fits the mold. Two brothers based out of Chino, Madd Docc & Kwency Jones of 92 Crew have been at it since 92 hence the name. In 2013, the 28 year old twins had the pleasure to travel to Texas to rock at SXSW. When it comes to high energy and stigma these cats definitely have that stage presence.

1.How long have you been rapping? We’ve been writing and rapping since 1992, started performing in high school in 2002 and started professionally recording in 2003, haven’t looked back since.

2.Is 92 crew something that you both started or chose to rep? ‘92 Family is a collective of 8 artists and producers (and as of recently MMA fighters), that was started by us and our cousin Salute. It started just us three when we started doing music in 1992, and since we’re family that’s where the Family comes from. All the other artists/priducets/etc. came under the umbrella throughout the years, whether close friends or more of our extended family members. We chose to rep it as it represents our start and our cohesiveness as a unit.

3.Do you feel that being twins is an advantage in the hip hop scene? Absolutely. It is generally rare in hip hop that you see a group or duo that consist of siblings, more specifically twin brothers. In terms of diversity being twins definitely helps set us apart from the pack, not only in look and appeal but in our sound as well. We often compare being a twin to being born with your best friend, which in a musical sense is a great advantage creatively. We trust each other 100% which makes our chemistry more natural whenever we’re recording or discussing concepts for new songs. I think it also shows in the way we perform. No matter the venue. we just bring a different type of energy with us on stage that the crowd always seems to feed off of. If we’re having a good time we want the people to have a good time with us because if you’re enjoying your experience it means you’re enjoying the music.

4.When can we expect a new project in the works? Well as of right now we are close to finishing up our second duo album, aptly titled “Workaholics”. We initially announced this project in 2012 and have since been collaboratively working on perfecting its sound, concept and quality for the last year and a half. We’d like to release it some time between March and April but time will tell, you can’t force good music and this is definitely NOT a project we have any interest in rushing. In the mean time we have put together a new tape called “Casual Friday” that we are releasing at the end of February. We know its been a while since our last album so “Casual Friday” is our way of keeping new music in the hands of the fans as we finish up “Workaholics”. We’ll be dropping brand new songs from the tape along with lyric videos over the next couple of weeks for listeners to stream and download, just look for the casual friday hashtag.

New joint from ABSTUXZ rapper Vally Vicious called “Lighter Jacker”.


Meet Texas native Phr0zen, a former horrorcore artist who has transitioned energies to dark aggressive/hype with his 2013 mixtape, “Welcome to the Land" featuring Snow Tha Product, Tiny Jay, and Wicked Babydoll he has quite the line up. With over 180 tracks recorded, Phr0zen continues to make his mark in then underground scene while managing the independent label

Dirty Devil Entertainment. Check out his ch0pped and screwed version of “Rock this Shit” feat. Tiny Jay.

Abstuxz rapper Cur3, a finalist for the Bars Over Bullshit competion we mentioned previously hosted by producers, Anthro Beats & Eskupe. The 21-year old rapper demonstrates his sharp lyrical abilities but there is no doubt he is up against good competition. “


Organized Threat has got a pretty dope roster and amongst the underground assassins comes Razor.  With his studio album, “F.A.I.T.H.” (Fully Amplified Intellect Toward Haters) dropping TOMORROW (01/12) and his album release party in tow the 818 rapper has quite a lot to celebrate.  In his own words about this current album,

"This album is dedicated to my pops who passed away on January 13th, hence the reason why im releasing it that day. This project is a mixture of emotions that I used to cope with my past and recent losses."

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Coming in at 6’3 at only 16 years old the grade school rapper A-F-R-O has paved the way for the younger underground generation. Starting at 11 years old, the independent rapper tends to be influenced by the likes of RZA, Pete Rock, 2pac, all the way down to Rugged Man & Redman.  Reminding us of a young Biggie Smalls based on his heart, size, and drive the gentle giant strives to make a name for himself while gaining the respect of his obviously much older peers.  He is apart of Overcast Ent. an Orange County based label managed by Producer turned soon to be rapper, Alex Nejera aka “B.U.G.S.” (heard on the feature track “Platter”). With his 2013 mixtape overflowing with 22 tracks we would say it is going to be a promising year for young A-F-R-O.

When asked where he sees himself by age 21, the 16-year old replies,

Famous than a muddafucka.”

4 locos goin hammy on this joint.  If you are a fan of female rappers you definitely wanna look out for Bleezie with her raw lyrics and spunk she adds a variety of spicy you just can’t ignore. Also amongst the greats is Hide And Seek Zoo another local Cali cat.


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When it comes to Orange County’s Yours Truly rapper, Phora, you either really like the kid or your too busy droppin disses.  For one OC rapper Galvan G this was the case.  The Anaheim rapper doesn’t hold back on shit with his thesis line stating “Fuck Phora and everything he represents” emphasizing his hatrid toward Phora. With the track being just over 3 minutes in length there’s plenty of room for opinion.

Did Galvan G murk phora on this diss? YOU be the judge.


Stars & Streetlamps founder, Julian “Imagine That” Manriquez has proven to be quite an addition to the hip hop community. When he isn’t busy putting on shows he is working on his newly anticipated album in the making “Beyond Clouds” expected to drop around 2015.  The young entrepreneur, who is also employed at Universal, awesomely, has come a long way since his early attempts at the genre.  His 2013  album “Still Within Reach” was not widely received since most considered it to be “different”.  Imagine That will now capitalize on that very aspect of being different while taking his sweet time perfecting “Beyond Clouds”. The Stars & Streetlamp rapper states,


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EPK Imagine That: Hip Hop Artist from Stars & Streetlamps


When it comes to the Odd Futures of the underground scene ABSTUXZ may just fit into that quirky category. With nitty gritty wordplay from Trol7 and his DGAF attitude all the way to Cur3’s sharp tongue slicing the beat to precision, you never know what to expect from the Stuxians.  “7 Blunts High” was by no means intended to win a Grammy however, the candid vocals by Vally Vicious adds a whole new level of unordinary to their already abnormal sound.      

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Power 106’s “Who’s Next” champion MC Imprint is no stranger when it comes to the spotlight.  The OC rapper just released his sophomore album “Sobriety Date” which features 10 tracks focusing on quality rather than quantity.  Amongst those tracks some that stood out are “Pac Coast” a typical Southern California anthem mentioning “Cali got the finest damn women it’s the home of the Lakers baby everyday we winning” followed by a catchy chorus.  Then there’s “Dreams” which he persists on coming out on top gradually getting more hyped as the song continues and is a good showcase of the struggles as an independent artist. His abstract choice in instrumentals demonstrates his diversity but his positivity throughout the album is transparent.

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    Click picture to purchase/listen to “Sobriety Date”

Be sure to also watch his video “Infection” it is contagious…literally.

Two of underground hip hop’s producers Eskupe & Anthro Beat’s hosted a rap competition called “Bars Over Bullshit” in which the winner receives free studio time with the widely known, “Yours Truly” movement.  There were many dope contestants however some of the finalists include, but are not limited to:

Cur3 (of Abstuxz), Miss Char, & A-F-R-O

The “finalist” beat by Anthro is undeniably doper than the one he used in the previous round but still didn’t quite match Eskupe’s monster of a banger in the first round.  Winner will be announced January 17.

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Maiselph is a Southern California independent hip hop artist from Beaumont, CA.  As a member of the underground collective, Yours Truly, the Cali native has released over 7 full length studio albums his latest being with 2mex (The Visionaries) called “Like Farther, Like Sun” cop that free at bandcamp.

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